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Summer Beauty Tips Sure to Keep your Makeup in Check

Summer time is here and I am sure everyone is enjoying the season and amazing things that come with beautiful weather. Even though we may love the glow that comes from our skin being kissed by the sun. We don’t enjoy having oily skin or ruined makeup due to heavy sweating.

Here are a few makeup tips for surviving the Summer months:

When it comes to the beach outings and picnics, makeup isn’t a girl’s best friend. However, you can still wear your favorite cosmetic brands, but instead of the powdery products, use cream based formulas. Cream based products tend to be more water-resistant and longer lasting. Try using your favorite concealer with BB creams instead of full coverage foundations since they offer sheer coverage.

Also, invest in waterproof products and makeup setting sprays so your beat can stay in place. Oil blotting paper will be your best friend in keeping your T-zone in check.

Staying hydrated is a major key in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. It is also good to use primers with spf15 or higher to protect to your skin from sun damage.

Last, but not least, moisturize moisturize moisturize! Keep your skin hydrated, but be sure not to use heavy creams that are too greasy. Use light weight oils or body butters. Remember that less is more. Take advantage of nature’s natural glow, but a few enhancements never killed anyone. Enjoy and stay safe this summer! 

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