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Sleek Creme Lip Color: for the Fashionholic on a Budget Featured

I love lipstick. It’s my favorite make-up. Girls (especially dark-skinnned) can agree with me that getting the right lipstick can be a bit hard. I know this because I tried several brands before I finally found the brand that suits me perfectly. Sleek Creme is a true saver for the girl looking for a perfect lipstick brand that will care for your lips and keep them soft and healthy.


1. Creamy texture Sleek creme lipsticks are creamy, thus easy to apply and moisturizing. You won’t have any clogs with this one I assure you. Lipstick definitely has to be easy to apply if you are to get desirable results. Because of its creamy texture, your lips will always be moisturized.


2. Variety of colors to choose from You will be spoilt for choice when you go to the store for sleek creme lipsticks. There are a variety of colors to choose from. They have shades for both light and dark skinned girls. They have conservative colors for the office girl, bright colors for the outdoor girl and colors for the club as well.Whatever colors you want, sleek has got you covered. My favorite sleek creme lip shades

Pearl wine- This is a bit bright. Not your regular red. I mostly wear it to work on weekends, when out on casual occasions and when out at the club. I try to tone it down a notch for the office by applying just one layer and brighten it up for nights out by applying two or three layers.

Madly maroon- Now this is my favorite. I wear it a lot to the office because it is dark and conservative. If am looking for a vampy look, a few layers of madly maroon will give me just that. Being a dark-skinned one, this lipstick works like a charm for me.

Cherry brandy- I discovered this shade recently and I have to admit that it is becoming another one of my favorites. I love it because I can wear it with any outfit and to any occasion. It is not perfect for a night out because it is a bit dull. I love how it brings color to my cheeks though.

Grape- If you are looking for the perfect night-out or fun day lipstick, look no further because grape has got you covered. It adds a sparkle to your outfit and brightens you up in an amazing way. Grape is not for the office unless you work in a very unformal setting. If you are conservative, this lip color is not for you. Stay with madly maroon and mostly cherry brandy.


3. Very affordable Sleek creme lipsticks are very affordable. Depending on where you buy it from in Kenya, it will cost you between ksh. 450 to ksh.600. I usually make my sleek purchases at Nakumatt westside in Nakuru and Rift Valley Cosmetics also in Nakuru. I am almost certain that all Nakumatt stores have this lipstick in their make up shelves. Nakumatt is actually the cheapest sleek creme make-up outlet I know.

Head to your cosmetics store and find at least a tube of sleek cream lipstick. It is the perfect lipstick for a fashionholic on a budget. And it doesn’t disappoint.

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