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Best Floating Platform Beds For Bachelor Pads Featured

Floating platform beds have a unique look that makes them the centerpiece of any modern bedroom design. Appearing to float in mid air, the mysterious and alluring qualities of these beds are the reason they are so popular. When lit from underneath with LED lighting, they create a futuristic look that goes well with the sleek surfaces and sharp lines of modern bedrooms.

The functional benefits of platform beds is another reason for their popularity. They help create a sense of space in small bedrooms because they are low to the ground and take up less space. They help with saving space and organization too. Many designs incorporate storage options into the design of the headboard and attached side tables. This creates a seamless look from bed to headboard to side tables.

If you want an eye catching design for your bedroom, floating platform beds are a smart choice. They enhance the mood of a bedroom by adding an element of magic and mystery. Take a look at the best floating platform beds for modern bedrooms.


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