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How do I reduce the amount of time I spend on Whatsapp? Featured

Reduce the amount of time you spend on WhatsApp!

Caution: The path suggested below requires strong heart and mind and great determination and dedication:


Uninstall WhatsApp: Your frequent contacts may notice that you are no more live on WhatsApp and may call to inquire about you being well and alive. This is not possible if you have your colleagues or classmates exchanging work details and progress using Whatsapp groups.

Ask yourself, “Is using WhatsApp absolutely necessary for me?” If your answer is ‘yes’, then at least get rid of nonsense:

Mute all the useless groups; if possible leave and delete.

Stop commenting on every single message in a group!

Stop forwarding jokes, images, videos unless you are an entertainer. Most of them are really just funny to you and other members probably reply because they are Whatsapp addicts too. So stop expecting compliments for a message you forward unless it is your creation.

Switch off your data for hours when you are working. If you receive important emails or video calls, it’s safe to assume that you’ll get them on your workstation/laptop/desktop anyway.

If you chat continuously with your loved ones, STOP IT. Let them work and you do your work. You’re probably just bored and you’ll just end up distracting them, too.

Stop browsing through those status updates and complementing or commenting on those to make someone feel special or inferior.

Sometimes a debate in a group can prove refreshing; have it, but not too often.

Decide a time slot when you will use your phone and when you will not.

If you are some person who has free time - a business person with well settled and satisfied business, for example - then don’t be free, engage yourself with learning, reading, writing, talking, some hobby, some social service or you can always expand your business (that is the beauty of business).

Gandhi said, “Because before I could tell your son to stop eating sugar, I had to stop eating sugar first.”

I've uninstalled Facebook App for about a month, I haven’t wished birthday or anniversary to anyone. I don’t know what is trending there and I don’t feel anything missing – I’m gonna try it with WhatsApp too.



It may sound little absurd but there is an app that can help you to get away from other apps:

I present to you: FOREST

It may make you look too addicted to your phone, but it is worth it.

How it works: Plant a tree for some time and leave your phone and work/study/play/give time to real people than virtual. Have your own forest.

A bug in Forest: It allows you replying from the notification bar if you have a newer version of Android or iOS. But that is up-to you, self-control is needed.<<


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